November 4, 2019


For more than 15years, everything revolved around skateboarding for us. From the beginning we recognized the enormous power of the skateboard. Skateboarding knows no frontier, skin coluor, wars, rich or poor. Skateoarding unites and promotes a sense of identity and purpose especially in the development of young people. 


From the early days we promoted skateboarding in Uganda through our organization Uganda skateboard community, in 2016 when we supported an initiative in Mukono and in 2019 the  Kayunga district. We came to realize once more how ideally instrumental skateboarding is in overcoming differences of deprivation, after building those two skateparks in Uganda, so we need to stay with it and achieve more skateparks.

Please help us and donate to our campaign to raise funds to achieve the third skatepark to transform lives of the poor people who love skateboarding in Kayabwe district, we rely on your support and contributions to achieve our goal and share happiness and security to children who have been deprived of their childhood and, we are very happy about your contributions.

Uganda Skateboard Community.



Donate by visiting the Uganda Skateboard Community's GoFundMe


Another way to donate is to buy one of our FirstCo. x Uganda Skateboard Community Tee's. For every tee bought FirstCo. will donate $10 too the Uganda Skateboard Community GoFundMe, Or you can buy a (Donation) Tee & it will be sent out to Uganda. If you buy a (Donation) Tee make sure the address is made out to.






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