FirstCo. x Chuck II - Murder Scene Tee.

June 4, 2018

I've talked to Chuck II about his upcoming album a good amount of times & gave Murder Scene about 100 listens by the time the idea for these shirts popped in my head. In his own words he explains the album as, "The story of a young black male tryna balance survival in America & the search for God within himself" so it was an easy move to put the Amerikkkan flag on the front of the tee. 


Red Crime & Blue


Had to leave the 50 stars of the flag alone because there is still hope that this country can make the flip & there will be liberty & justice in all 50 states in the future.. as for the 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies? fuck em. Though the song Murder Scene is not about slavery or what that time period represents, we weren't just going to have the flag on our tee without sharing how we feel about the original 13 states. They are part of a very bloody crime scene. 


Poetry Passion & Pride


The backside of the tee features 3 P's with the Red Crime & Blue color-scheme. The 3 p's stand for Poetry, Passion & Pride which is part of a quote from the second verse on Murder Scene. A common theme in the conversations I have with Chuck II is that yes, as black men all we seem to have on some days & nights are our talents, passion for that talent & pride on said talent. If your familiar with the phrase 'Crime of Passion' then you understand why the middle P for passion is the one with crime tape & how that applies to the theme of Murder Scene; where Chuck just hops in the booth & turns a beat to a murder scene. 



All Photos shot by Tae





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