Over The Hill by Tavis Landry

November 19, 2016


From ’6040’ to ’The Finish Line’


Over The Hill is a past to present to hopeful future narrative, perfectly executed by Tavis Landry in 16 tracks. From ‘6040’ to ‘The Finish Line’ Tavis lyrically reviews his history, analyzes his current status in life, and also flexes his skills while acknowledging the trajectory his talent is going to take him in his rap career. 


"I seen it all at 6040"


The heavy hitting intro '6040' takes listeners back to where Tavis grew up and covers a variety of topics from being a mommas boy to looking up to the right people to gun violence and the post traumatic stress that can have on a community. Not usually the topics being discussed on singles from a debut album and thats the reason Tavis Landry will be a force in the rap world.


The perfect debut album.


Stories unique to Tavis' life are painted so vivid throughout the album that by the time listeners have played the last song on Over The Hill they will feel like they know Tavis. That makes Over The Hill the perfect debut album. 




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