On September 24, 2016 Sacramento's most known entertainment group Hall Of Fame (HOF) brought out 40+ performers and thousands of partygoers to celebrate HOFDAY at Riverwalk Park.

Around late July HOF announced that they had plans to throw HOFDAY on September 24, and with ambiguous flyers going around of a cartooned Kenny The Dancing Man saying "A Sacramento Celebration" the city was left to wonder. How big will this be? Who's going? Whats going to happen? 

"If Young Kenny Don't Trust You"

After a few weeks of pondering the possibilities, more ambiguity. August 10, a advertisement in the form of a gif is released via @HOFisbetter's Twitter account, the tweet attached to the gif said, "If you were wondering if the city of Sacramento is trusted, it is - #HOFDAY Announcement tomorrow." and the actual gif was Kenny dancing behind the words: "If Young Kenny Don't Trust You..." With both quotes from the ad matching slogans heard whenever Atlanta rapper Future and his DJ Metro Boomin come together the speculation started to lean towards a possible performance from Future or Metro or both.


August 11, the announcement is made. 2 stages, with 40+ performances from Sacramento artists of the urban music scene and the headliner would be Metro Boomin, and why is this important? Metro Boomin is one of the top producers in Hip Hop at the moment. One of many Metro highlights would be that he produced seven songs on Drake and Future's collaboration album 'What A Time To Be Alive" another would be, earlier this year Kanye West called on Metro to help produce four songs off of his "The Life of Pablo" Album. A DJ of this caliber deciding to take time out of his schedule to come party in Sacramento could definitely be a good sign for the future of the city especially when you combine that with the advent of a new world class arena downtown. Who knows what type of events the city will be capable of hosting next?


Everything went as planned, even with alcohol in the mix there were no fights, just thousands of people having a good time together. At other events you'll see most people sticking around the group they arrived with, not at HOFDAY. Sacramento's everybody knows everybody reputation was put on display for everyone in attendance with scenes you'd usually see at a family reunion being played out in every section of the park. Artists went on for their sets and were met by a jubilant crowd throughout the whole day. 

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